Another scrap quilt

This is a quilt I started making just before I took a two-year break from quilting. It is made from plain calico and scrap bags of Japanese fabric from The Eternal Maker.


I had got as far as cutting some of the pieces before becoming completely overwhelmed by the thought of having to arrange the different sized scraps so they fitted into a regular arrangement.

This time, returning to the quilt, I started making it as I went along, not thinking about the final arrangement and being prepared to cut down the assembled scraps to fit the later blocks.  Using this method I got into an enjoyable state of flow and I was really pleased with the end result.

I originally gave this quilt a 1” border like its predecessor, but I thought this made it a bit cramped. I’m glad I bothered to replace it with a wider border, as it gives the quilt room to breathe. Finally I quilted it with some thick cotton thread that I’d been sent to review. These work like embroidery threads but are much easier to handle.



Very Hungry Caterpillar Quilts

Our friends have just had a baby girl and here are some pictures of a Very Hungry Caterpillar themed quilt I’ve made for her. I ended up using a kit for this quilt: I often like the creativity involved in coming up with my own pattern, but sometimes it’s nice to have some of the decisions made for you.


I realized that if I followed the pattern the quilt would be too big, so I ended up making it a smaller size. This left me with enough fabric to make another quilt along the same lines, using the butterfly instead of the caterpillar from the panel included in the kit.


In the first caterpillar quilt I tried to accentuate the difference between light and dark by restricting the central star to the more solid prints (the pattern said to ‘have fun’ and place the pieces randomly). However, I had to be more random for the second, butterfly quilt.

I had a number of triangles left over from the flying geese type blocks in the first two quilts, so I used these to make a small baby quilt.


I did consider arranging the pieces less traditionally at the last moment, but I chickened out!


I really enjoyed quilting these quilts, especially as I was using some gorgeous variegated threads that Lynda had given me as a birthday present and because the backing was a lovely soft flannel.