Half-square triangles

I always have lots of ideas for future projects, but this Sunday I just felt like doing some mindless cutting and sewing; half-square triangles are perfect for this. I used Liberty fabrics for the triangles, a blue paisley print left over from a dress my friend Shirin had made and a bright pink fabric which I had bought to back this quilt.

I had doubts about the pink fabric, so I made a few test squares first. I’m still not sure whether it works.


2 thoughts on “Half-square triangles

  1. Blimey girl. You’re on a bit of a roll! I have some vision of you patch working the dictionary…cutting up the likes of set and patterning it in to longer words with shorter definitions. My granny made us all quilts- sewing on her lap through winter nights buried in a nest of plastic bags in plastic bags sorting system. They took at least a year each.


  2. I love those images! Your granny brings to mind Lucy M. Boston (your parents’ neighbour), who also quilted during the winter on her lap surrounded by plastic bags. When she started losing her sight local children would come round and thread up a supply of needles for her. Summer was spent in the garden. She paid the bills by writing books but often patchwork took priority. Here she is in her own words, in a letter to a friend:

    “The patchwork is finished and edged but not yet lined. I am waiting for the lining and meanwhile can’t imagine how I lived when I wasn’t patching. It is flatter than finishing a book.”


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