A second typographical interlude

I’ve nearly come to the end of my letterpress course and have successfully typeset and printed a poem.

Here the type is secured in a frame, called a chase, ready for printing. The pieces of wood are called furniture and the whole thing is tightened with expandable quoins (the first picture shows four quoins, but I discovered that was two too many!).

I felt I’d done a pretty good job of typesetting but the proof revealed several errors!

In terms of typesetting, a poem like this is fairly straightforward. So I next decided to set a dictionary entry, the subject of a future post.


Quilts to showcase fabric

A while ago, on a whim, I bought some flannel fabric with an elephant print. Since then I’ve been thinking of ways to incorporate this bold fabric in a quilt. I found this pattern (which has the¬†slightly unfortunate name ‘Baby Bites’) online and I like the way that the large squares show off the print.

The designers, Modern Quilt Relish, have a number of contemporary patterns on their website and I look forward to making more quilts based on their designs.

As is often the case, I needed to buy some more fabric to complete the quilt. So while I was waiting for the blue flannel to arrive, I tried out the pattern using some fabric from my stash.


The solid teal fabric has appeared in a number of other quilts as I bought a vast amount of it many years ago. I’m finally reaching the end of it!