Grey and yellow triangles

A few months ago I treated myself to Electric Quilt, a quilt-designing programme. I still have a lot to learn, but I’ve enjoyed auditioning different fabrics and layouts without having to make the blocks first or drawing and colouring designs on graph paper.

This is one of the first quilts I’ve made using Electric Quilt, from a design created by my partner Paul. Paul suggested the bright blue in place of my original choice of backing. I had thought it would be too bright, but it works perfectly.



Floating stars quilt

I made the blocks for this quilt many months ago but it’s taken me a while to finish for a number of reasons: I wasn’t sure I liked the final design when viewed as a whole (it seemed both static and blurry), the backing fabric was too pink (I wanted a Liberty back, and the print was cheap on eBay), I had to redo a lot of the quilting because I’d basted it badly, and, finally, every time I took it up a cat jumped on it and bit and hissed if I tried to move her. However, close up the fabric is gorgeous and the Liberty lawns feel wonderful. I think this is a quilt I will be using for many years.

A nautical quilt

I made this quilt because I was taken by the greys and yellows (and anchors) in the Lakeside Gatherings┬árange of fabrics and wanted to see what they were like to sew with. The quilt uses one ‘Jolly Bar’ (42 5″ by 10″ rectangles). Although I liked a lot of the prints I think I would add some warmer colours, or use more yellow, if sewing with them again.

In arranging the lights and darks I experimented with a mixture of order and randomness, which I think works. The binding is from a fabric I bought about ten years ago and sewing with it was like meeting up with an old friend!